Cold Calling

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Taking the pressure out of cold calling

In this recording Ari Galper, developer of the best selling sales programme 'Unlock the Game' outlines the approach to selling which aims to build trust and respect with prospects so that you develop an open and truthful relationships rather than the normal sales chasing games between buyer and seller. Although applicable to sales in general, the conversation centres on cold calling and Ari outlines various strategies that will help improve [...]

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7 habits for highly effective cold calling

In this recording I am interviewing David Festenstein on how to gain appointments with senior executives within large companies. David does this professionally for IT companies and is sharing his his 7 golden secrets which he has developed over many years of experience. On this recording we go into each of his 7 secrets in some detail What will be very encouraging for accidental sales people is that David is [...]

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Successful cold calling

Cold Calling is probably the most feared activity is sales. Yet if approached correctly it need not be so terrifying. In this recording I interview one of the UK's leading cold calling trainers, Andy Preston, on what it takes to achieve success from cold calling. Andy is recognised as a leading authority on cold calling and regularly speaks on the subject to large audiences worldwide.

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Tele-marketing without tears

Have you considered using a tele-marketing agency to generate more leads for your business? I regularly come across business owners who have invested in tele-marketing only to be left with a large bill and nothing to show for it. I also come across business owners who swear by tele-marketing and sometimes they have been using the same agency as other business owners who have had a bad experience! What is [...]

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5 things to do before outsourcing your telemarketing

Telemarketing can be an effective form of lead generation and it is often an activity that is outsourced to a specialist company. All too often it ends up being a costly exercise with no extra business to show from it. Here are 5 things to do before outsourcing your telemarketing to a third-party supplier. Clarify your sales and marketing strategy So many small businesses do not have a sales and [...]

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Make the PA your friend, not your enemy

I spend a lot of time with clients and like to have my telephone answered professionally. I also use a Virtual PA who keeps me organised and does the things I am not very good at! I consider them to be part of my business even though they are not on the payroll. Anyone interacting would not know the difference. They are part of the new flexible way of doing [...]

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Never say never cold call!

Although cold calling may not be the most effective form of lead generation in terms of conversion rates, I would not rule out cold calling if you need to get some momentum in your business development. I have a client whom since biting the bullet and starting to make the calls has started getting loads more referrals. Weird eh?!! He listened to the excellent free audios and videos on this [...]

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Cold calling tips for reaching senior decision makers

In recent free teleseminar David Festenstein of TeleOpen who was talking to us about using cold calling to gain appointments with senior executives of large companies. We had a good sized audience with lots of great questions being posed. David started off explaining why normal cold calling approaches are less effective with senior decision makers and why people who are OK with cold calling in general, shy away from calling [...]

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Seven Steps to Cold Calling Follow-up

Seven Steps to Cold Calling Follow-up by Ari Galper, Founder of Unlock The Game® Let’s say you’ve had a great conversation with a prospect. They’ve shared their problems and seem genuinely interested in what you are offering. You’re excited about following up with them – but your calls aren’t returned. What’s happening? Well, the only way to find out the truth of the situation is to ask them. However, before [...]

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‘Cold Calling Techniques (That really work)’ by Stephan Schiffman

The title of this book gives the impression that this will be a book full of gimmicks so common place amongst books on cold calling. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. This is a goldmine of great advice that closely mirrors my philosophy of selling with integrity. It includes much about working with human nature and keeping the whole process simple. It clearly explains in very simple and [...]