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Sales on a beer mat!

Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur and best-selling business author. His book titles include 'Beermat Entrepreneur' and 'Sales on a Beer Mat'. He is also a columnist for the Financial Times. Mike is a salesman through and through and has been involved in building and selling many businesses. In this entertaining podcast Mike runs through the three elements of sales featured in his book 'Sales on a Beermat': Be [...]

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17 Strategies for Lead generation success!

I am a big fan of Frank Furness. He is an international speaker and trainer in sales and is currently working in over 48 countries. Frank specialises in new business generation and the use of technology in generating leads. I regularly quote Frank’s saying that cold calling is the price you pay for not doing enough lead generation activity in other areas. In this recording Frank reveals 17 strategies for [...]

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How to get free PR

This is an interview on How to get free PR. Free publicity is the name of the game - getting yourself in print, on the radio or even on TV is easier than you think if you can understand the mindset of journalists and gave them what they want. In this recording I interview Chantal Cooke, a journalist for over 20 years and co-owner and Managing Director of Passion for [...]

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How to write a book that attracts clients

Writing a book can be a great way for an expert to attract clients, but what is the process of writing a book? What is involved and how much effort will it take? How do you get your book published? And how to do ensure your effort results in more clients? All these questions and more are answered in this recording of the teleseminar given by Mindy Gibbins-Klein. Mindy Gibbins-Klein, [...]

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How to write a marketing plan that gets results

We all know we should have a marketing plan but how do you actually write a marketing plan for your business? And how do you use that marketing plan to drive forward sales? In this recording straight talking small business marketing expert Rod Sloane outlines his 1 page marketing plan template. In his typically clear and entertaining style Rod guides us through how to write a marketing plan and how [...]

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How to get more bangs for your marketing buck!

This is an interview with small business marketing specialist Rosie Hatton. Rosie specialises in helping clients with a limited marketing budget to maximise the sales impact of their marketing spend. This is an excellent resource for people new to marketing. Rosie gives a nice and simple definition of marketing and outlines where businesses typically waste money. Rosie also gives many simple to follow tips for marketing to support lead generation [...]

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How to sell at exhibitions

Exhibitions can be a good source of leads if you do it right. Do it wrong and you can spend a lot of time and money without have much to show for it. In this recording small business marketing expert Alan Rae will explain how to maximise the leads generated from your investment in an exhibition stand. If you get a chance then take notes. Although it is delivered in [...]

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Generating leads on your doorstep!

Most businesses spend time chasing all over the place trying to find new clients when there are more than enough opportunities within a 30 mile radius of their offices. In this recording, small business marketing expert Rosie Hatton covers some of the marketing options for developing a thriving business in your local area. You may want to listen to this more than once. If you get a chance then take [...]

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How to avoid cold calling

Is it really possible to generate enough sales leads for your business without resorting to cold calling or tele-marketing? This is a recording of an interview I did a few years ago with Chantal Cooke of Passion for the Planet radio. In this interview I explain to Chantal how to avoid cold calling including many different lead generation strategies that do not involve cold calling! There is a lot of [...]

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The Magic of Choice

I was at a networking meeting the other day having a conversation with someone about the need for choice in order to make price comparisons. He said that he used to own a retail store selling learning products for children and he had noticed that when he had just one product of its type on the shelf it often did not sell as well as when he had two or [...]