Sales Messaging

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Knowledge is not always a good thing!

I recently starting working with a business owner who was struggling to generate interest in her services. She started her business in a flurry of euphoria and excitement. The service had such a profound effect on her life that she could not wait to get trained and start offering it to others. It has been 6 months after launching her business and she had long since run out of money [...]

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What’s your story?

Shrewd marketers have used stories through the years to help make businesses more real and emphasise why the business is different. Stories are about people and people like to do business with people. There is a story to everything. Think about your favourite piece of furniture in your house. What is the story behind how you acquired it? How about how you started your business? The classic business story is [...]

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How to Sell Thin Air

‘How to Sell Thin Air’…..That was the title of the workshop I ran for Ecadamist Mark Underwood’s excellent Business NLP Group meeting last night. Its a club to show the business applications of NLP and was well attended by people who run their own business and people that work in companies in a non-sales role. Selling ideas and pure services are very similar. They are often very intangible and take [...]

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Selling more by redefining what you do

I was running a sales training course the other day and I was covering how to make cross selling to existing customers easier by increasing the range of products and services on offer. One attendee said: ‘I am an aroma therapist – does that mean to give different types of therapy such as reflexology?’ One approach would, indeed, be to train in alternative therapies. The thinking here is ‘I am [...]

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Generating sales leads: The 4 elements of compelling sales messages

If you are doing a lot of activity and yet still struggling to generate enough sales leads then you might want to look at the sales messages in your marketing. It’s the sales messages which cause people to take action and express an interest or make an enquiry. In marketing most things start with a P. In sales messaging they start with an M!. There are 4 Ms and they [...]

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My 5 top tips for crafting effective sales messages

When it comes to generating sales leads, more effort seems to go into selecting the right marketing channel and making it look pretty and not enough into crafting effective sales messages. I recently attended a seminar on writing sales copy for the web run by someone who was not only generating a healthy 7 figure income for himself but also clients too. He was very clear that when you compare [...]

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Stop educating and start selling!

2011 was a tough year for many selling a business service. It seems that 2012 will, at best, be more of the same and the businesses that survive and prosper will not only evolve their business model but also evolve their sales and marketing messages. Sadly many talented people have not made it through 2011. They had business services that could have been very successful but they went broke trying [...]

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How to craft compelling sales messaging that get results

Some people think that great sales people and marketeers just open their mouth and golden words just come tumbling out followed swiftly by people throwing money at their feet! The reality is different. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in creating compelling sales messaging that get results. When we speak or write with the intention of getting someone to take action – whether it is to buy [...]

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From a maze to amazing!

I recently attended and excellent Super Conference for coaches, trainers, and consultants. I was particularly interested in product creation and list building and was not disappointed. A lot of people there were struggling to get their businesses to work and as I got chatting to some of them I could not help myself from asking questions to help them gain clarity about their niche. Anyway, there were three occasions over [...]

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Do you have buried treasure?

Smaller businesses often struggle to differentiate themselves from their competitors, especially those in the business of providing consulting services. When I am helping clients to find a point of difference, the one method I find most fruitful is to examine the story of their journey as to how they came to be in business in the first place. When you look at your journey you often start to see patterns [...]