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How to use Twitter to find clients

When I first started using Twitter, like many, I did not know what I was doing. My networking mentor Thomas Power told me I should be using Twitter and so I gave it a go! I then did the normal search to find out how to get more followers and found there were plenty of people happy to give advice. There were more Twitter ‘experts’ than you can shake a [...]

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What is blogging and social media all about?

This is an Ecademy training video on blogging created by Thomas Power is chairman of business networking site . Although this video is specifically about Ecademy, Thomas explains the logic about why blogging is so important for people selling their expertise and know-how and how Ecademy can help. The Accidental Salesman Club was born in Ecademy and I believe it is an excellent place for developing business connections and referrals. [...]

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How to build your reputation online

When selling your services, reputation is everything. When you have a great reputation, prospects are more likely to listen to you and be interested in what you have to say. The reputation of products and services are just as important. Not so long ago, the way to build your reputation was just through networking and publicity. It was time consuming and took a long time. With the internet, it is [...]

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Generating leads from blogging and podcasting

This is an excellent introduction to the world of blogging and podcasting. It covers the benefits, how to get started, how to publicise your blogs and podcasts, and most importantly, how to use them to generate leads. It even covers creating an extra income from selling your expertise online. In this recording I interview Diane Corriette, who is a rising start in the world of internet marketing and who has [...]

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lead generation using

This is an edited recording of a teleseminar I did with Thomas Power, Chairman of Thomas is a recognised visionary and thought leader in the world of online social networking and is himself a prolific networker. In this recording Thomas shares with us why online social networking is so important and how to use Ecademy as a tool for lead generation both from referrals and direct business. This is [...]

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The business without a face

I was reading through some group discussions on a Linkedin this morning and there was a certain post which caught my eye. It had been started as a leading question which might as well have been a sales pitch. The thing that piqued my curiosity was that the photo of the person asking the question was actually a logo. That was the first time I had seen such a thing [...]

  • art52

How to get a return from social media by Graham Jones

Television journalist Andrew Marr reckons that bloggers are “bald young men sitting in their mother’s basements ranting”. In a speech to the Cheltenham Literature Festival, he enraged many bloggers; after all not all of them are bald. It is a rather naïve view, suggesting that blogging is something that is only done by strange individuals. But, he is not alone in his thoughts. You can find plenty of articles saying [...]

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Getting a return from social media?

A few days ago I was posed the question ‘Isn’t Social Media just a big waste of time? How do you get a return on investment for all the time and effort you need to put in?’ As someone who loves a Paradox, I decided to answer this question for him via Social Media!!! People who sell their expertise have a great opportunity to use Social Media to demonstrate their [...]

  • art47

How do you measure the ROI of a conversation?

To be even thinking of ROI when speaking with someone will almost certainly kill off any chances of something coming from it. Your attention needs to be focused on them rather than what benefit you may or may not get from the discussion. To assume that you cannot measure the ROI of social interactions, however, is not totally true. Some things are hard to measure but that does not mean [...]

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Behave online in the same way as you would offline

I am not sure what it is but some people take on a totally different persona once they get behind a keyboard. They do and say things that they would not dream of doing in a million years in their offline world. Yet the paradox is that the activity online is more likely to be discovered. The powerful search facilities plus the speed of communications means that if you do [...]