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Speak out!

Being able to present is essential in sales. Whether you are presenting to one person or a room full of people you need to develop the basic skills or you will be missing out on opportunities to get your message out there. Giving talks and seminars is also a good way of generating leads for accidental sales people. I now speak regularly to large audiences when once I was terrified [...]

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Do your clients love your marketing?

‘Make Customers Love Your Marketing' is a short e-book packed full of tips on how to use your marketing to improve relationships with your clients. Well worth a read. MakeCustomersLoveYourMarketing.pdf

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Become a master communicator

When I first began as an accidental salesman over 15 years ago I quickly discovered that my communication and influencing skills were lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I could get on with people but found it all a little awkward, especially meeting new people and knowing what to say and what not to say! I soon discovered that developing communication skills is probably one of the most important things that [...]

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How to make a sales presentation

Dexter Moscow is a leading expert in how to make an effective sales presentation. For the last 11 years Dexter has been a freelance presenter for QVC The TV Shopping Channel appearing live and selling a myriad of different products. Dexter also trains other QVC presenters in how to craft their pitch and he trains regular sales teams in how to present to win. This recording contains excellent and concise [...]

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‘What Every Body is Saying’ by Joe Navarro

This is the first book I have read in ages that I have felt compelled to a detailed review and recommendation. It is a book on body language and non-verbal communication. A subject I have been very interested in for over 20 years... This is the first book I have read in ages that I have felt compelled to a detailed review and recommendation. It is a book on body [...]

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How to see things from your clients perspective

The art of sales is to be able to match what your client wants with what you are selling. To be able to do that requires being able to see things from your clients perspective. Indeed the mantra of sales people is WIIFM (pronounced WIFF ‘EM – as in WIFF THEM!). It stands for What’s in it for me? And it’s a simple reminder to see things from the other [...]

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What’s the story?

I always love to hear my client’s stories. A typical one is ‘talented and successful person leaves corporate life in search of freedom and financial success but hates selling and is finding the dream is starting to turn into a nightmare. They have the freedom but the struggle with not earning enough money and all the family pressures that brings is wearing them down. They know they can be successful [...]

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If you want to get ahead….

Many years ago I learnt a powerful influencing technique from my boss. He was a high flying finance director and I noticed how he used it to gain agreement. When I started learning from top sales people I noticed that many used this simple technique too. I have since learnt that its called ‘The McCabe Nod’ although I struggled to find any references to it on Google and many sales [...]

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The Sound of Success

A big thank you to Jeremy Jacobs for joining me on the web-cast last night, talking about ‘The Sound of Success’. The issue behind the web-cast was that when our first contact with a prospect is via the telephone then the first impression formed is almost entirely affected by our voice. A first encounter may be a cold call or it maybe that we are responding to an enquiry or [...]

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What first impression do you make?

I am sure you have heard the ubiquitous phrase ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. It’s used so often that it has become a bit of a cliché. We hear it. We nod and say ‘yes how true’ yet we forget to check what sort of an impression we are giving in those all important first 20 seconds. Even before you have said a word [...]