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The magic wardrobe

I recently met a very confident woman who confided in me she was sometimes quite nervous in sales situations and yet it never showed. I asked her how she managed to maintain her outer confidence. Her answer was what she called her ‘magic wardrobe’. In her magic wardrobe she has a number of outfits that she puts on that give her special capabilities. She has an imaginary golden outfit that [...]

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3 Confidence Boosters for Public Speaking

It seems that most people are perfectly capable of speaking when sitting down. Get them to stand up and talk, even for just a minute, and their legs turn to jelly! I can remember when I first started to speak in public my knees knocked so loudly no one could hear what I had to say. I thought I would share my top three techniques that I have picked up [...]

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Working on your comfort zone

I live in a traditional English village. There is the normal pub, church, pond, and a village green where they play cricket on the weekends. I am not a big cricket fan myself but it does look lovely to have a cricket match going on with spectators sitting on rugs and having a picnic. I have a house overlooking the green and it has a rather rampant ivy growing up [...]

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5 Keys to Selling with Confidence

Starting up in business can be an exciting time but also a daunting time too and in the excitement of getting things going, people often overlook the obvious. Profitable sales are the lifeblood of any business and selling is a skill. Without sales there is no business and for most starting a new business there is not the funds to employ a sales person. So that said, where do you [...]

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Good guys can sell too!

I was talking to a business owner recently who has been struggling with sales for quite a while. The struggle has been with herself which is bizarre as she has displayed to me on many occasions that she has the potential to be very good at sales. Yet it is clear that she has a general dislike for sales people. This dislike is holding her back just like it once [...]

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Counting down to higher performance!

I have just finished a coaching call with a sales manager who had implemented a simple technique I had learnt from a top door-to-door salesman. The sales manager used the technique to increase the number of cold calls made by a couple of his team members. He said that by using this technique they doubled the number of calls made and both people felt great in the process. Previously they [...]

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Be brave and sell more!

Sales is a fantastic vehicle for personal development. It involves confronting your fears, stretching your comfort zone, and expanding your thinking. It takes courage to do things you find uncomfortable. Learning to sell requires courage! Courage is also known as bravery. It is the ability to face fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. It is called ‘physical courage’ while facing physical challenges such as pain and hardship and ‘moral courage’ [...]

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Change the way you look at sales

I have to tell you that when I first started in sales I struggled with so many of the ideas. You see my experiences of sales people were limited to dodgy double glazing salesmen and people who will not take no for an answer. It seemed that all the techniques were there to manipulate your prospects and do the very thing I detested about the tactics of the double glazing [...]

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Tips for developing self confidence

Having confidence and self esteem certainly helps in sales. People buy from people they like and if you don’t like yourself much then why should other people be interested enough in you to listen to what you have to say? It is possible to develop your self confidence and self esteem. Its certainly something I had to work on and I thought it would be useful to give some tips. [...]

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Give yourself some positive feedback

When you are new to sales it can seem quite daunting sometimes. As you find your way through the maze it seems as if you are doing everything wrong. For example, you go into meetings and realize afterwards you forgot to ask an important question or you did far too much talking. Next time instead of beating yourself up, try giving yourself some positive feedback. Its an approach I learned [...]