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A small difference can make a big difference

When I was walking in the mountains of Peru last year it was amazing that despite walking at a very slow pace we seemed to cover a lot of ground within the space of a day. We live in an instant gratification society. We are so used to getting things straight away that we expect everything to be instant. The same is true with progress in sales. Taking small consistent [...]

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Free can be very expensive

In these days of economic down turn and credit crunch it can be very tempting to padlock the wallet and just feast on all the freebies around. There is, however, a big cost associated with this behaviour. Not a direct cost that can be easily measured. Its an opportunity cost and even though it may be hidden it is still real none the less. There is no shortage of free [...]

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How to boost your selling skills without sales training

It is possible to significantly improve your selling skills in a relatively short space of time without any more sales training and long as you are prepared to take charge of your own learning. Following these simple steps, you can become your own sales coach: Prioritise Which selling skills, specifically, do you want to develop? There are many areas of sales and in order to develop them you need to [...]

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Think and Grow Rich

Think and grow rich is a classic motivational book. Written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by Andrew Carnegie, it was published in 1937 at the end of the Great Depression. It is not a book about sales by any means yet it contains many lessons for developing our thinking for success in sales. It is a classic book about the use of the power the mind in order to achieve [...]

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Too busy failing to succeed?

Business owner: “Can you help me please? My business is really struggling. I need help desperately. I am sorry, I do not have any money to pay you but if something does not change soon I will lose everything” Me: “I appreciate your situation. Its one I have seen a lot of times. Watch this free 15 minute video. It will tell you all you need to know about how [...]

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There is more to sales than technique

When I first started in sales I thought that all I needed was to learn a bunch of sales techniques. I soon discovered that there was so much more to selling. Many sales trainers will have you believe that if you just follow their techniques you will never look back. For some people that will undoubtedly be the case. For many, however, they need to work on other areas. Many [...]

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Fast track your sales with mental rehearsal

The hair on the back of your neck stands on end and you feel strangely spooky. You have just seen and heard something that you are sure you have experienced before. Was it a dream? Was it a premonition? Was it an event just forgotten about? Science is still struggling to explain and reproduce the déjà vu phenomenon. There is a different form of déjà vu that is simple to [...]

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Are you willing to pay the price?

Everything comes with a price tag. The best things in life may be for free but even they come with a price attached. Although money may not be involved, there is still a price. For example, you may need to give something up or do something that you are reluctant to do. I have not yet come across a successful business where the owner has been resistant to sales. You [...]

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Being a know-it-all can be expensive

Wanting to expand knowledge and understanding is an admirable quality. A mark of top sales professionals is that they never stop looking for new insights to make selling easier and more productive. That is why most of the sales books are purchased by sales people who are already successful. This is at direct odds with people I regularly meet who are very clever people who have read a few books [...]

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When free costs dearly

There are some people who try and get all their learning for free. They listen to free podcasts, they sign up to any free reports going and come along to free talks or workshops. I have come across some people who have spent £100 travelling to a free seminar but would not pay £100 for a seminar on their doorstep! Is this behaviour clever or does it really hold someone [...]