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How to develop rapport

An interview on how to develop rapport in sales. People buy from people they know, like and trust. Being able to quickly establish rapport with people you meet is an essential skill. But how do you establish rapport and trust with people that are totally different to us? In this recording, top NLP trainers Julie French and Tony Burgess of the Acacemy of High Achievers give us excellent insights into [...]

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How to develop trusted relationships that win you more sales from corporates

I once heard an excellent saying from a very successful businessman. He said that small business owners decide with their wallets whilst people in large businesses decide with their jobs. Whilst this may not be totally true, it helps us understand why trust is especially important when selling to corporates. Having a trusted relationship will not guarantee the sale but without it you will be at a severe disadvantage when [...]

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Rant: Is the recession over?

I am sorry but I need to get something off my chest today. It’s been bugging me for ages and yesterday was just the last straw!A new supplier who promised me he would do something let me down, yet again. When we first started working together he couldn’t be more helpful. One month in, I am having to chase him to do simple stuff we agreed and confirmed. He has [...]

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Relationship selling – the clue is in the title!

I was at a networking meeting recently and I was having a discussion with an ex accountant who was running a business and struggling to find new customers. I have nothing against accountants – I was one of them once. Anyway, I normally get on with everyone I meet but I found this person to be very cold and unapproachable. It was as if he was holding people at arms [...]