Self Motivation

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Make sure your goals are big, fat, and hairy!!

How realistic are your goals? If you diligently follow the SMART formula for setting goals then your goals are just not big enough!! That is the conclusion that Accidental Salesman® interviewee David Hyner of Stretch Development came to after interviewing over 100 top achievers who are all creating amazing levels of success. In this recording I interview David on the 5 step model which he developed by boiling down all [...]

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Make 2012 a WOW! Year

I always love this time of year. It’s a good time to forget the past, reset our goals, and focus on the year ahead. Whilst many of you may have set personal goals, I wonder how many of them are actually WOW! goals? Will they motivate you enough to do some of the things in sales which take you outside your comfort zone? Focused and consistent sales activity is needed [...]

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The courage to break free

I recently heard a disturbing story about a farmer who got his arm caught in a piece of machinery one day whilst working on his farm. It was a true story which emphasises the courage that some people need to develop to break free of the shackles that are holding back their sales and, indeed the financial viability of their business. I will spare you the gory details except to [...]

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Tell me what you really REALLY want!

It’s been a while since the Spice Girls were in the pop charts. I was not a fan but one of their most memorable songs, for me, was called ‘Wannabe’ and it started something like this: Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, [...]

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The easy path goes nowhere

Imagine you are on a walking holiday and want to take in the spectacular views. You are walking along a path surrounded by beautiful trees. The sun is shining down on you, you hear birds chirping and you feel a warm cooling breeze brush your across face. After a short while you reach a fork in the road. You can see that the left path is fairly flat and then [...]

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You cannot give away what you don’t have

I often get asked by people how they can get prospects more excited about their products and services. The thing to keep in mind is that emotions are contagious and unless you are excited about your products and services then how can you expect your prospects to be? Pretending is not enough. In fact most people will see through fake excitement and will just see you as being insincere and [...]

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Winter never lasts forever

When you are in the middle of winter, as we are at the moment in the UK, it seems like it will never end. Everything outside is bitterly cold and miserable. Yet just as night always follows day, spring always follows winter. There will be a time when the sun returns and things begin to thaw. The same is true in business. We have economic cycles similar to the seasons. [...]

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Resist the urge to generalise

It seems to be a human thing to do. When food is a little thin on the ground, you start taking whatever pickings that can be found. We are designed for survival. It may be inconceivable in good times, but when push comes to shove, there are few who would not resort to rummaging around in dustbins if it meant the difference between life or death. In business, our markets [...]

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Selling is not a numbers game…..

…..its an activity game. Its about doing the right amount of the right activities in the right way. If you focus on the numbers you just get numbers. If you focus on the right activities then you get results. This was the essence of the advice from Chris Mather – a top sales manager from a company selling door to door when I interviewed him for last year. I [...]

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tips for visualization : The secret of the secret!

There is a lot of talk about the need to visualize your goals and outcomes in sales- not least by me!!! To paraphrase Napoleon Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ , If you can visualize it, you can achieve it. It may not be plain sailing but you stand a much better chance. There is also growing evidence from sports psychologists that visualization can be used to develop [...]