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How to develop a killer elevator pitch that gets you more sales

One of the areas people struggle with when networking is how best to answer the inevitable question "what do you do?" Most business networking meetings involve members introducing themselves to the rest of the people in the room by way of an "elevator pitch". This mini-course will show you the common mistakes people make with their elevaotor pitch and how you can easily create a pitch that articulates clearly what [...]

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Questioning skills for sales

I was at a networking breakfast yesterday having a conversation with a guy about questioning skills. He had been taught that open questions were good and closed questions were bad. As a consequence he was using open questions to try and close the sale. Understandably he was struggling to get a decision from prospects! The meeting was in a golf club and as he was a keen golfer, so I [...]

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Consultative selling

Consultative selling is essential for anyone selling business services or solutions. It will enable you to turn small opportunities into large opportunities, avoid price objections, and eliminate time wasters. But how do you do it properly? In this consultative selling video mini-course I created through my sales coaching and business development coaching company, I explain the basics of consultative selling and a model for approaching the sales meeting. Even if [...]

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How to use local networking meetings to sell to large companies

People often tell me that local business networking meetings are just for people who want to win business from small local companies. Many people, however, are winning significant contracts selling to large companies as a result of attending local networking meetings. I recently interviewed Charlie Lawson, UK National Director of BNI and expert in word-of-mouth marketing, to find out how it’s done. In this recording of edited hightlights of the [...]

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What is blogging and social media all about?

This is an Ecademy training video on blogging created by Thomas Power is chairman of business networking site . Although this video is specifically about Ecademy, Thomas explains the logic about why blogging is so important for people selling their expertise and know-how and how Ecademy can help. The Accidental Salesman Club was born in Ecademy and I believe it is an excellent place for developing business connections and referrals. [...]