Anyone following me on Twitter is probably used to my Saturday night tweets whilst the X Factor is on TV.

If you have been watching it recently or read the news you will have seen that the twins that call themselves ‘Jedward’ are still in the competition and there are some very talented acts that are getting a bit worried. The simple fact is that more people are voting for Jedward than some of the talent.

The lesson is quite simple: It is not enough to have talent. We also need to be likable. This is especially important in services where you are not only the person who is selling the services but also delivering the services. I would go as far as to say that working on soft skills should take priority over selling skills if developing relationships is an issue.

Of course we do not need to be liked by everyone. It is clear that Jedward are not! We just need to remember that people buy people first. The terrible twins may not be that talented but their popularity seems to be growing!